Antique P&A Electrified Kerosene Oil Lamp Plume and Atwood Waterbury Conn


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique kerosene oil lamp that has been electrified. The burner was made by Plume & Atwood, but is no longer functional due to the conversion to electricity The body is made of a floral painted milk glass - both the front and back are painted. It has a metal base and metal top (see photos). The base is affixed with rod that runs up through the glass body and through a metal grate that is situated in the middle of the body. There is no chimney. The conversion to electricity was done some time ago as evidenced by the plug and switch - I would guess 1940s or 50s, but might be earlier. The lamp measures 14 3/4 in height to the top of the socket. It has a diameter of about 7 1/2 at its widest. It is in very good condition aside from the burner - it doesnt screw off nor does the wheel turn, so I assume that they soldered these parts. It is functional (see photo of lamp being lit).
You could restore the lamp by changing the burner - certainly worth doing as this is a very attractive example - or just get a chimney and use it as an attractive electrical lamp.
Beautiful shape and colour!