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Antique Nippon Moriage Porcelain Hanging Plaque Hand Painted Morimura Bros 9.5 Inch


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This is an antique Nippon period Japanese porcelain hanging plaque that is hand painted with a country scene and finished with raised moriage jewels and lines around the rim of the piece. The piece is matte finished. The underside of the plaque is marked with the green M in wreath Nippon mark of the Morimura Bros., used as of 1911 until about 1918. The plaque measures 9 1/2 in diameter. The base rim is drilled and has a wire attached to enable hanging on the wall - this is original, as these were meant to display on the wall. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or noted wear. This Nippon hanging plaque is shown in the Collectors Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain by Joan Van Patten on page 272, so it is a documented book piece. It displays very well and would make a wonderful addition to a collection of Nippon porcelain..excellent quality and beautiful design!