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Antique Neyret Freres Stevengraph Woven Silk Picture Confiserie Pretty Lady


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an old woven silk picture made by Neyret Freres of St Etienne, France.  Neyret produced woven silk scenes and ribbons on Jacquard looms, very much like Stevengraphs.  I was reading about Neyret and they used sometimes 12 different gray colored silk threads in order to get the proper tonal perspectives on their scenes.  Only top quality Chinese silk was used.  Neyret ceased operations in 1970 after being in business for 145 years.  This particular silk picture is titled “Confiserie” and portrays a pretty lady on a ladder with a gentleman admiring her from below.  Confiserie is French for a “candy shop”.  The scene is signed in the lower right corner “A. Perez”, the artist who originally drew the scene.  The piece is framed in its original wood frame.  The frame measures 8 1/2” by 9 7/8” and the piece weighs 6.4 oz.  It is in very good condition with one brownish spot to the right background and a couple of small darkish spots to the upper right, very minor.  I have not tried to clean or treat the spots, but it is very possible that the spots could be lightened or taken out - honestly, I wouldn’t bother as they really don’t detract much from the piece at all.  There is wear and tear to the backing paper, but this is easily fixed or replaced.  This is a beautiful quality picture and a very pleasant scene....very pretty display piece!