Antique Lace Collar and Cuffs Hand Made Victorian Era


Brand Etsy

This is a hand made antique lace collar with matching cuffs. All are made in an off-white colour although the collar appears a little more toned than the cuffs. I am not a lace expert, but I believe that the lace is Honiton, although it may be Belgian Pointe Duchesse. The collar measures 10 in width by about 3 in height while the cuffs measure 8 1/2 by about 2 7/8. I bought this antique lace collar and cuffs set many years ago with a few other pieces, all of which were basted to blue paper with thread - this has kept the lace flat and well preserved. This antique lace collar and cuffs are in very good condition with the exception of the aforementioned colour difference (could be lightened) and a tiny brownish stain on the collar that should come out with the proper cleaning agent (see last close-up photo).
This is a beautiful antique lace collar and cuffs set - Ive included extreme close-ups, so please have a look, lovely!