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Antique Lace Bedspread Filet Lace


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a beautiful handmade bedspread made in the Filet Lacis or Filet Lace technique.  You can see that the piece is hand knotted as there is a knot in each corner of the lace, which is also known as Fisherman’s Net as the lace is made in the same way that fishermen constructed their nets.  The bedspread has a central panel and side panels as well as a short panel at the foot of the piece.  The side panels have hand knotted tassels along their entire edge.  The piece is in perfect condition with no breaks to the filet, stains or other defect - this was well stored over the years and looks to have seen little or no use.  The central panel measures 64” across, the side panels add another 16” in width to either side, exclusive of the fringe, which adds another 3” to either side.  The piece has a length of 97”, including the panel at the foot, which measures 8” in length.  This is a beautiful piece of old handmade lace - you often find machine made facsimiles or modern versions, but authentic old hand knotted pieces are much harder to find, especially in this condition.