Antique Kashmir Pieced Paisley Shawl Coat Hand Made & Embroidered Boston Label


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is an exceptional coat made of pieced paisley shawl fabric that was hand made in Kashmir during the very early 19th century. I believe that the shawl was repurposed into this coat, which has styling consistent with the 1910-1920 period. The fabric is fabulous, entirely hand embroidered and pieced into an absolutely eye popping design. The upper back is lined in a gold coloured silk fabric with an affixed label that reads “E Caroline Pierce Boston”. The coat is made in a full length with shawl lapels. It does up with a single button at the neckline, so the lapels are turned and hidden, as well as with a hook at the hip level. Aside from the lining at the upper back, the piece is unlined.

Sizing: There is no size label, and although this should fit a small to medium size, please rely on the following measurements for fit, taking the thickness of the fabric and style of the garment into account:

Shoulders: 15” approximated

Sleeves: 23” long from the sleeve seam

Sleeve Inseam: 17”

Bust: 40” around

Waist: 44” around

Hips: 46” around

Overall Length: 51”

Condition: This coat is in very good condition especially considering its age. There are, however, about 15 small holes in the fabric, measuring between 1/16” to 1/4” in width. Although this may sound like a lot of holes, this is a very robust fabric due to its construction and the holes are for the most part not noticeable, discovered only by viewing the fabric with strong light behind it. A professional stitching would be beneficial, but in my view, not necessary. Otherwise, there are no issues, and this piece displays spectacularly as is.

This is a beautiful piece of hand work - you could not replicate the level of work needed to produce a garment like this today. Incredible piece, really a work of art!