Antique Inkwell Bamboo Pattern Spelter Metal w Opalescent Glass Well


Brand Etsy

This is an antique inkwell made in the form of a pyramid. The piece is made of a fairly heavy non-magnetic metal, probably a zinc alloy or spelter, measuring 2 1/4 in height and 3 1/2 square at its bottom. The metal is covered with a raised bamboo pattern, very Aesthetic Movement (1860-1900). It has a, opalescent milk glass well. The lid had been hinged onto the body but has become detached - I dont know how easy it would be to have this re-attached. Aside from the detached lid, it is in very good condition except with some wear to the finish on the top of the lid and to the underside edge of the bottom, but no wear to the degree that would detract from the look of the piece. In addition, the glass well has a bit of roughness and a fleabite to the top edge, really minor. Im unsure of its origin, but I think that this may be French. Despite the detached lid, this is an attractive antique inkwell - nice display piece!