Antique Imperial Grape Helios Carnival Glass Punch Bowl & 4 Cups


Brand Etsy

This is a Carnival glass punch bowl and four cups made by Imperial Glass in the Imperial Grape pattern. The punch bowl and three cups are in the Helios colour, which is glass that is iridized over a green base colour - one of the cups is not iridized and only in the base green colour. Two of the cups are more iridized than the third iridized cup. Imperial issued Imperial Grape in 1911 and produced it until 1927. They reproduced it during the 1960s, but marked the newer pieces with the IG logo - these are not marked, so are original. The punch bowl measures 11 3/4 in diameter across the top, 5 1/2 in height - each cup measures 2 1/2 in height and 3 in diameter. All five pieces are in very good condition with no chips, cracks or wear.
These are original pieces of Carnival glass, not reproductions - very pretty display pieces!