Antique Edwardian Era Ostrich Feather in Mint Green 22”


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful old ostrich feather plume, meant to be worn as a hat decoration.  It was very popular to wear ostrich feathers in one’s hat during the Edwardian era, and every British lady wore a hat in those days, the larger and more ornate, the better.  The feathers were primarily imported from South Africa and, in a sense, were a symbol of the British colonial conquest of Africa.  The most prized were “Barbary Coast” ostrich feathers, which were actually native to the Sudan - a single plume cost £5 in 1912, equivalent to £400 today.  This feather is very full and quite large, measuring 22” in length.  There is a looped piece tied onto the quill, that one would use to affix the feather.  It is dyed in a striking mint green color and is in very good condition.


This is a lovely feather in a very attractive muted mint green color - beautiful quality that you can’t buy today!