Antique EAPG Heisey Glass Plate Colonial / Priscilla Scalloped Pattern


Brand Etsy

This is an antique scalloped edge plate made by A.H. Heisey & Co. of Newark, Ohio. It resembles a Colonial pattern, perhaps Priscilla, but I havent been able to identify it precisely. I have 12 of these available, price is per plate. The glass is very clear despite being thick, typical of early Heisey quality - the edge of each plate measures 3/8 in thickness. Each plate has a diameter of 8 1/2 and weighs 1 lb and 10 oz., very heavy for its size. Each is cut on the underside with the Heisey rays and has a raised H within a diamond mark. Two of the plates are in perfect condition with no noted scratches while the other ten have minor scratching - really nothing - and one of the plates has a fleabite, again, really minor, while another has either a scratch or straw mark through the rays. Otherwise, no chips, cracks or pronounced wear - these have been very well preserved. Priscilla was introduced in 1905, and these are obviously very old due to their thickness and quality. Ill ship the best examples first..