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Antique Carved Wood Hand Glove Mold Forms w Reticulated Jointed Thumbs Display


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an exceptional matched pair of glove molds that would have been used in the manufacture of a pair of gloves, or could be used simply as display pieces, either with gloves on or off.  These are very old and beautifully made with excellent detailing and wonderful life-like form.  Each has a reticulated thumb so as to enable gloves to be removed from the form.  They measure 11 3/8” in height and together they weigh 15.5 oz.  They are in great condition with original wood knots incorporated in the wood - the only defects are a couple of “bruises” on the top side of the right hand below the knuckles and another at the bottom edge, quite minor.  I believe that these are of French manufacture due to their quality - the only marks are numbers that are difficult to make out at the bottom of each.

Glove forms of this quality are difficult to find, especially as a matched pair - usually molds of this type lack the detail and shape of this pair.  Really, these are displayable art!