Antique Bracelet Charm Hungarian St Stephen Cross Cowbell


Brand Etsy

This is an antique charm for a charm bracelet made in the form of a cowbell with moving clapper. The piece has a gold St Stephens cross on its front with a crown over the cross. The St Stephens cross is thought to have been given to St Stephen by the Pope as the symbol o the newly Catholic Kingdom of Hungary. The piece is unmarked, but I assume that it is made of a low grade silver - it has not been tested, but I cant see what else that this could be made of given the detail and fineness of the charm. I assume that the gold is rolled on as it has a certain thickness. It has the appearance of hand hammered wrought iron, but does not attract a magnet . The piece measures about 5/8 in height including its top loop and about 1/2 in width. It is in very good condition.
This is a very nice charm with a moving part - wonderful if youre Hungarian (or not)!