Antique Aelteste Volkstedt Porcelain Figurine of Monkey Musician Playing Bagpipe


Brand Etsy

This is a quality antique porcelain figurine made in the form of a monkey playing a bagpipe. These monkey musician figurines were first designed by Johann Joachim Kndler for Meissen and often appeared as members of an orchestra. The back side of the base is marked underglaze with the mark of the Aelteste Volkstedt (Oldest Volkstedt) factory, located in Thuringia, Germany. This mark was used between 1912 and 1934, but I think that this figurine dates to the earliest part of that date range. The figurine measures 4 1/2 in height, small but beautifully modelled and wonderful for cabinet display. It is in excellent condition with no noted defect. This is a lovely quality antique figurine, produced in an area of Germany known for the highest quality porcelain - wonderful addition to a collection!