Antique 19th c Staffordshire Pratt Polychrome Paste Pot Lid Persuasion Framed


Brand Etsy

This is a pot lid, most likely made by F&R Pratt of Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire sometime between 1845 and 1880. The scene is captioned Persuasion, and it should have a dotted white border, although this is hidden by the frame. The scene consists of a man, whom I guess is trying to persuade the young lady of something while a dog looks on.
The polychrome printing process on ceramic was pioneered by Pratt and was a laborious process involving the engraving of copper plates from a drawing, one for each primary colour - the engraving could take up to four months. Other companies eventually producing pot lids were T.J. & J. Mayer, J. Ridgeway and Co. and Bates Brown-Westhead Moore and Co. These pot lids were covers for pots or jars that originally contained shrimp paste, meat paste, pommade, cold cream. bear grease or other products. The pots were often thrown away, but the lids were saved and treasured for their colourful representations. In 1897, these lids became very collectible and people began to frame them - the frame to this lid is stamped Made in England and would date to the late 1890s or early 1900s.
This lid is well framed in a round black wood frame with brass hook that would enable hanging. The frame measures 6 in diameter and has a depth of 1 1/8. The pot lid is in very good condition having been protected by its frame over the last 120+ years.
Lovely scene - nice collectible display piece!