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Antique 19th Ayrshire Whitework Embroidery Christening Gown Baptismal Robe As Is


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a 19th century christening gown or baptismal robe made of fine white muslin cotton with lace insetting and embroidery known as “Ayrshire Whitework”.  Ayrshire work was derived from 18th century Dresden work and tambour embroidery and originated in Scotland, popular from the early 19th century until about 1860.  The gown is made in a long form with tucking below the yoke, which gives the skirt its fullness.  It does up at the upper back with ties at the neck and bottom yoke, but one tie is missing from each, so would need to be replaced.  The piece measures 13” across the top from the edge of one cuff to the edge of the other cuff.  It measures 17” around the waist seam, where the gathering is, and has length of 47”.  Unfortunately, it has some holes.  There are three round holes, about the diameter of a cigarette - it almost looks like someone poked a lit cigarette through the fabric.  Those three holes are at the lower right side (for example, see last close-up photo).  There is also a tear-like hole near the hemline (see photo of back) and a pinhead and two pinprick holes at the right back side.  Lastly, there is a small tear at the bottom of the back opening.  The round holes would need patches, but the larger hole could be sewn as could the smaller holes.  

Despite the problems, this is a quality antique Christening Gown - with some work, great to use for a baptism or to pose on an antique doll......