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1940s Womens Fashion New Look Dress Black Silk Faille Size M


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This is a late 1940s dress made in the "New Look" style that was introduced by Christian Dior in 1947. The New Look was an attempt by Dior to offer the public something different, after the austerity that womens fashion experienced during WWII. Because use of fabric had been restricted during the war, Dior used yards of fabric to make a fuller skirt, and a woman's silhouette was emphasized by accenting the waist. This dress is made with below the elbow length raglan sleeves. The neckline is high and collarless and the dress does up the front with 14 faceted glass buttons and hooks and eyes at the waist. The skirt is gathered in wide pleats and the bodice extends below the waistline and flays out in two squared panels that follow the hips to either side. The skirt is made with wide pleating that creates a full effect. The waist is cinched with a matching belt. The dress is lined down to the top 1/3 of the skirt. The dress was posed with a crinoline underneath - to create the same (or fuller) look, you would have to provide your own crinoline

Age: late 1940s

Label: Henry Morgan & Co. Limited. Henry Morgan was a higher end Montreal department store that carried quality goods and higher end fashion. Henry Morgan was a Scottish immigrant to Canada, who founded his store in 1850, eventually setting up the Henry Morgan department store in 1866, which was to be Canada's first department store. It was privately held by the family for four generations, but was bought by The Hudson's Bay Company in 1960, changing its name to The Bay in 1972.

Color: Black

Material: Silk faille

Sizing: No size is indicated, and although this should fit a medium size, please note the following measurements for fit, taking into account the style of the dress:

Shoulders: 17" across approximate - difficult to measure due to raglan cut

Sleeves: 17" long from approximated shoulder

Sleeve inseam: 12" approximate, difficult to measure to paneled underarm

Bust: 36"-38" around, taken at the underarms, depends on hang of the underarm panels

Waist: 29" around, uncinched - the belt adjusts from 29 1/2" to 26"

Hips: Full - 56" around, but meant to hang loosely

Length: 46"


It is in very good condition with no wear, tear, stains or other noticeable defect - the only wear is a tiny bit to the fabric on the edge of the buckle, really minor, but mentioned in the interest of full disclosure. This dress was well cared for and stored over the years.

This is a very well constructed dress, obviously of high quality. I would think that this may have had another label - there's no doubt that it was made by a higher end manufacturer or fashion house, maybe under private label for Henry Morgan. Great example of post-war fashion......