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1930s Paris Sponsors Crochet Knit Pattern Book 46 Accessories Gloves Collars +++


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a mid-1930s era crochet knitting instruction book published by the Spool Cotton Co. of New York under the title of “Paris Sponsors Crochet”, book number 46.  It consists of 20 pages including its cover, and contains instructions for knitting blouses, a vest, gloves and collars (Parisian Striped Blouse, Tailored Vest, Tailored Blouse, Crocheted Barette Stitch Blouse, Tucked Beret, V Collar, Square Ribbed Collar, Off the Face Hat with Brim, Lace Jabot, Green Crocheted Collar with Ecru Trim, Crocheted Glove with Triangular Flare Cuff, Mesh Glove with Open Gauntlet Cuff, Tilted Beret, Colorful Scarf, Colorful Bag, Lace Ruff).  Wonderful photos and 30s fashion in this book.  The book is in crisp condition with only a slight corner bend at the lower right, really nothing - very clean.  Great book for the crochet knitter!