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1920s Quebec Rubber Tire Advertising Fan Mother and Child Illustration


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a 1920s era advertising fan featuring an illustration of a mother with child.  The back of the fan advertises the “Quebec Rubber Co. Ltd” and has an illustration of its automobile tire products - the “Quebec Double Traction Vacuum Cord Tire”, the “Quebec Famous Cushion Tire”, the “King No Puncture Leak Proof Tube” and the “Quebec King Cord Tire”.   The Quebec Rubber Co was founded during the mid-19th century and originally specialized in overshoes.  It was owned in 1877 by John Ross and William John Withall, who had owned shares since 1868.  It was sold to the partners who owned the Canadian Rubber Co. in 1879, but obviously continued to use its own name.  The fan is in very good condition except for some minor creasing to the cardboard at the top of the handle, a normal stress point, and near the mother’s mouth.  Despite this, this is a rare Quebec advertising fan for what it proclaims to be “Quebec’s New Industry”!