1920s Egyptian Revival Pendant Celluloid Glass Belt Buckle


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful large Egyptian Revival pendant that can also be used as a belt buckle, dating to the 1920s, possibly of Czech origin.  This Egyptian Revival pendant features a poured glass centre piece that is molded to represent a Pharaoh head. The glass is mounted onto a patinated copper piece that is in turn mounted onto a mottled green celluloid piece.  There are four spinach green orb balls mounted on opposite sides of the piece.  The celluloid back has a vertical celluloid bar affixed to it so that the piece can be used as a belt buckle or sewn onto a garment.  There is a metal loop at the top so that the piece can be hung like a pendant.  This Egyptian Revival pendant / buckle measures 3 5/8” high by 3” wide.   It is in very good condition but there is verdigris patina to the copper - in theory, verdigris should be cleaned off, although it does provide an aged look.  Interesting Egyptian Revival pendant - sure to be noticed!