1940s Birks Simmons Sterling Silver Shirt Studs & Cufflinks


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a vintage sterling silver shirt studs & cufflinks set made by Simmons of Attleboro, Massachusetts and sold by Birks of Canada.  Simmons was founded in 1873 by Robert Fitz Simmons and were innovative jewellers, the first to stamp products  and offer a quality assurance.  They ceased to exist in 1952, so this set has to pre-date 1952.  Birks, of course, is a venerable and highly regarded Canadian silversmith and retailer, still in business today - anything sold at Birks was of high quality.  This sterling silver shirt studs & cufflinks set comes in its original Birks box.  The centres are abalone shell - please note that the colour is grey-toned, not black.  All pieces are stamped both with “Sterling” and “Simmons”.  The set looks to have seen little, if any, use.

This is a very nice quality sterling silver shirt studs & cufflinks set!