John Lobb Davos Ankle Boots Mens Shoes Size 9 E Excellent


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is an exceptional quality pair of John Lobb Davos ankle boots.  John Lobb was founded in 1849 in Northampton, England and was primarily a bespoke shoemaker until very recently.  They still are one of only a handful of shoemakers offering bespoke (at prices starting at $7000), but their commitment to excellence expands to their off-the-shelf footwear. 

I believe that these John Lobb Davos ankle boots are no longer produced.  They have side flap and strap closures with an independent tongue.  They have brass hardware and hard rubber soles with deep threading and are made with a medium brown leather upper in a slightly reddish tone. 

Markings: John Lobb on the insole and sole, Davos written on the interior side along with 9E. 8695 and numbered as well with 9323 (see close-up photos).

Colour:  Medium brown

Sizing: 9E is indicated on these John Lobb Davos ankle boots, which I believe is a British sizing equivalent to a US 9 1/2, while the E stands for standard width - please rely on the following measurements for fit, taking the style of these John Lobb Davos ankle boots into account:

Insole:  11 1/4” from tip of toe to back of insole

Soles:  12 1/4” from the tip to the back of the heel, 4 3/8” in width at the widest

Uppers:  6 3/8” from the bottom of the sole to the top of the upper

Condition:  These John Lobb Davos ankle boots are in excellent condition as the photos should bear out - pre-owned, but look to have not been worn at all.

Excellent quality John Lobb Davos ankle boots - this is a great opportunity to own some of the highest quality footwear at a highly reduced price!