Vintage 1970s White Marabou Evening Jacket Ladies Size M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is wonderful white marabou evening jacket.  This marabou evening jacket is cut a full cut squared form and features white “marabou” feathers affixed to a pale yellow satin acetate base in vertical rows that overlap - the yellow base fabric gives the piece the appearance of having a yellowish undertone, but it is not discoloured.  It does up with a hook and eye at the neck and an additional hook at the waist.  This marabou evening jacket is very fluffy, soft and full

Label: None, only the size label

Age:  probably 1970s

Material:  This marabou evening jacket is actually made of young turkey feathers.  Marabou is actually a misnomer, although used these days to describe these types of feathers.  Real marabou feathers were taken from a variety of stork found on the Arabian Peninsula and were very expensive - it was used during the 19th century but hasn’t been used in many years.  The “marabou” feathers are now taken from very young turkeys.  The feathers are very fine, dense, downy and fluffy.  (info courtesy of the Vintage Fashion Guild fur resource).

Sizing:  Size M is indicated on this marabou evening jacket, and although this should fit a medium size, please note the following measurements for fit:

Shoulders:  about 16” across

Sleeves:  24 1/2” long from the estimated shoulder

Bust: 21” across the interior, pit-to-pit, so should be 42” around.  The jacket should fit loosely 

Bottom:  40” around, exclusive of the feathers

Overall length: 23", measured flat at the neck from the centre neck

Condition:  This marabou evening jacket is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, tear, staining or odour - there is a bit of reddish makeup on the lining at the top edge - I’ll try to remove it, but it is very minor in any case.  Also, there is the odd feather that is shedding, but this is normal for marabou, really this has been well cared for over the years.

This is a wonderful marabou evening jacket - excellent to dress up an evening outfit!

Sorry, but I cannot ship this item overseas - US or Canada only!