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Vintage 1980s Yohji Yamamoto Coat Magenta Wool Size M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful 1980s Yohji Yamamoto coat, made in a striking tone of magenta toned red - looks either pinker or redder under different light.  The code of FL-C03-998 on the content label pre-dates any season chart that I’ve been able to find, but the coat dates to the 1980s.  This 1980s Yohji Yamamoto coat is made in an oversized, loose fitting, style with a dramatically large collar.  The collar has four large snaps affixed to it that fix the collar in the position pictured, although I kind of doubt that they are original and were probably sewn there by the original owner - you could remove the snaps if desired, but they do work and are not visible when the collar is worn as shown. This 1980s Yohji Yamamoto coat has wide cut dolman style sleeves with turned cuffs and there is a large patch pocket at either lower side.  The coat is unlined and there are no closures - the right side simply folds over the left side.
Label:  Yohji Yamamoto ® Made in Japan
Material: 90% wool / 10% nylon
Sizing: Size M is indicated on the label.  I’m not supplying any measurements as they would be almost meaningless due to the oversized style and construction of this 1980s Yohji Yamamoto coat.
Condition: Aside from the added snaps, this 1980s Yohji Yamamoto coat is in very good condition with the exception of a repair, a tiny fray spot and a pinhead sized hole to the left side opening edge at about the pocket height (see last close-up photo) - this is not visible when the coat is being worn as the right side would overlap and cover that area.
This is a wonderful example of 1980s Yohji Yamamoto coat design - fashion history!