Vintage Louis Vuitton Purse Black Epi Leather 2 Zip Pochette


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is an authentic vintage Louis Vuitton purse made of black Epi leather as a double zipper pochette with adjustable shoulder strap.  You have the option of attaching the strap for use as a shoulder bag or detaching it in order to use it as a clutch.  This vintage Louis Vuitton purse is constructed with two compartments, each with a gold toned zipper top - the centre pocket is accessed by a zippered opening at the top side of one of the top zippered compartments.  There is a zippered pocket at the front.  The back compartment also has a large zippered pocket built into the interior back and two shallow pockets built into the front interior.  The lower right corner of the front of this vintage Louis Vuitton purse has the debossed LV logo.  It has a grained leather interior that is stamped “® Louis Vuitton”. This particular model appears to be uncommon, so would make a great addition to a purse collection.  This vintage Louis Vuitton purse came from the estate of a wealthy woman who would regularly visit Paris to purchase the latest fashion.  I believe that this dates to the 1990s - Epi leather was introduced in 1985 by Vuitton and was the first leather produced by Vuitton - previously, they had only produced canvas.  It is a pigmented leather with characteristic embossing, akin to boarded grain, and designed to withstand weather conditions.  This vintage Louis Vuitton purse is gold stamped with its serial number and “Made in France” (see photo).

Sizing: This vintage Louis Vuitton purse measures 10 5/8” wide by 7 1/4” in height with an expandable depth of 1”.  The leather strap has a “drop” of 19 1/2” when adjusted to the first hole - 4 1/2” can be added.

Condition: This vintage Louis Vuitton purse is very clean condition on the exterior and looks to have seen little use.  Unfortunately, two of the pockets are coated with Vuittonite, a rubberized coating that is prone to deterioration with age.  The front pocket has a tiny bit of Vuittonite loss, but the larger back pocket has marked deterioration - not as bad as some that I have seen, but with noted surface loss to one side in particular (see last 2 close-up photos).  Vuitton will restore a Vuittonite pocket for a fee, but you can simply remove the coating using acetone - there are quite a few “how to” videos on the internet.  Or, alternatively, you can apply talcum powder in order to eliminate any stickiness or further deterioration, which I what I have done for now.  In addition, there is a bit of slight scuffing, surface scratching to the lower left corner (3rd to last photo) and a bit to the upper right, but this is quite minor and could be treated to look almost new.  Really this is quite crisp for a pre-owned vintage Louis Vuitton purse that has seen use.

This is gorgeous - classic Epi leather, very elegant vintage Louis Vuitton purse!