Antique Dutch Silver Evening Bag Ate de Groot-Boersma Sneek


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a gorgeous antique Dutch silver framed evening bag.  The antique Dutch silver frame made by silversmith Ate de Groot-Boersma of Sneek, Holland, active from 1866 until 1909.  The frame is marked with the Minerva head denoting the assay office (letter illegible), the lion hallmark denoting the a silver fineness of 833 (833/1000 parts silver), the key mark denoting duty restitution and the letters and numbers AB 34, denoting the maker Ate de Groot-Boersma. This antique Dutch silver frame is decorated in the repoussé technique with Biblical figures - Daniel and the Lion, Moses with tablets and the Golden Calf, other figures and angel heads (Daniel and Moses are my interpretations).  It has an angel head lock and release catch and a standing figural top.  The frame has a black moiré silk bag sewn onto it that is decorated with black beading that might be jet, but I’m not sure.  The bottom of the purse has attached beaded fringe.  

Age: Most likely Victorian era rather than Edwardian

Label: None

Size:  The antique Dutch silver frame measures 6” across by about 3 1/2” high.  The bag measures 7 1/4” wide by 7 1/2” in height, excluding the 1 1/4” fringe and the frame.  The silk wrist handle has a fall of 6 1/2”.

Condition: This antique Dutch silver frame evening bag is in very good condition with no missing beads or other defect - it has been very well preserved over the last 120 or so years.

Beautiful quality beaded evening bag with a gorgeous antique Dutch silver frame by a well known Dutch silversmith!