Antique Mens Tuxedo Formal Tails with Waistcoat & Pants Sz M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a mens tuxedo suit consisting of formal tails, a waistcoat and pants. This mens tuxedo was part of a collection of clothing dating from 1900 until the 1930s - difficult to date this full dress suit precisely, but I would think circa 1910s. The colour of the fabric is black but with a slight greenish tinge, at least that is how I perceive it - the wool is, I believe, worsted with a fine flannel finish. The peaked lapels are covered in black silk, which accentuates the greenish colour tone of the wool. The dress coat to this mens tuxedo is made in classic form with padded shoulders, no closure, cut away front with six black silk covered buttons, two buttons at the back and two smaller buttons at either cuff. It is fully lined in black twill silk. The waistcoat has a rounded shawl collar, four button closure, off-white silk lining, black twill silk back, two pocket front and adjustable belt at the back. The pants have a tapered leg, flat panel front, button fly, no belt loops and buttons for suspenders.
Label: None - this mens tuxedo would have been custom tailored
Sizing: Although this mens tuxedo full dress suit should fit a medium size (about a US 38), please rely on the following measurements for fit, taken from the exterior (please take the thickness of the fabric into consideration):
Shoulders: 19” across shoulder seam-to-seam
Sleeves: 25” from shoulder seam
Sleeve Inseam: 17 3/4” long
Chest: 41” around, taken under the arms with a normal gap
Waist: 39” around with a normal gap
Overall length: 39“ at the back, measured flat
Top: 38”
Waist: 36”
Length: 24”
Waist: 33”
Leg inseam: 33”
Length: 44”
Condition: This mens tuxedo full dress suit was stored in mothballs for the last 100 or years. It did take me 3 weeks of airing to diminish the scent but there may be some slight lingering that could be eliminated with a dry cleaning, but the nice thing is that the mothballs kept the suit free of moths and in wonderful condition especially given its age. There are however a couple of tiny fray holes, most pinhead sized, to the inside of either lower leg of the pants - the largest one, which is still very small, was reinforced with a patch on the interior side. Really minor.
This is a rare antique mens tuxedo full dress suit in a reasonable size!