Vintage 1950s Felt Circle Skirt Rockabilly Rock n Roll 27” W


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful vintage 1950s felt circle skirt.  This1950s felt circle skirt is original and not a copy or reproduction.  It is made in a full circle and is posed with a crinoline underneath - no crinoline is provided, but these can be bought online quite easily.  It is made of a light pumpkin coloured felt with a black net overlay that is decorated with black felt sea serpents and black stitching.  The sea serpent’s eye is either brass metal or gunmetal.  The skirt does up with a metal zipper at the side and with a button at the waist - the button is positioned for a small waist but had been moved to fit a smaller waist, but this would be easy to move back to accommodate a larger waist size.  There are no pockets. 

Label: no label

Material: Felt wool

Sizing: No size is indicated on this 1950s felt circle skirt, but please rely on the following measurements for fit:

Waist: Should be about 27” around, but the button was moved to fit a 24” waist

Hips: Full

Overall length: 27"

Bottom flare:  about 174” around, a true circle skirt

Condition: This 1950s felt circle skirt is in very good condition with the exception of some dark marks to the felt at the back, most near the hemline in one area and a few small ones under the net (see close-up photos).  I haven’t tried to remove these but they may very well come out or at least lighten - the ones under the net may be more difficult to treat.  The bottom edge is not perfectly cut, but certainly very acceptable - this was probably a home made 1950s felt circle skirt.  

Despite the small problems, this is a wonderful 1950s felt circle skirt - great rockabilly skirt!