Vintage 1940s 50s Mexican Saltillo Serape Wool Blanket


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a vintage Saltillo serape blanket, rather unusual in its bright colours and black warp.  I consulted an expert and she confirmed that it definitely was a vintage Mexican Saltillo serape and explained the black warp in the following way: Mexican artisans would use whatever materials that were available, especially if it was being made for personal use.  I believe that this Saltillo serape was made for personal use because it is lacking a fringe, but was edged in wool roping, so most likely meant to be used as a blanket - fringe would not be practical for use on a bed.  Also the bright colours and the atypical patterning does not say commercial market to me.  It is made of 100% wool.  It measures 55” wide by 82” long. Striking colours on this piece - bright green, light green, purple, red, blue, orange, tan, beige, brown and black.  A lot of work went into making this piece - it is expertly woven.  In very clean condition, well preserved.  Super Saltillo serape - great for a Southwestern decor!