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Antique Fur Jacket Victorian Era Curly Lamb


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an antique curly lamb fur jacket dating to the Victorian era between 1880 and 1890.  The back of the jacket is built in such a way as to accommodate a bustle. The jacket has a rounded collar that could be worn either down or up with the use of a small loop and button - unfortunately, the button has come off, but I do have it, however, the loop is missing. The collar is made of a different fur that I believe to be beaver. The jacket has a modified mutton/gigot sleeve with a slight puff at the shoulder cap. The jacket has a structured silhouette due to the tapered waist, wide hemline and the leg of mutton sleeves. The jacket closes with four cloth covered wood buttons and loops down the front, but the bottom button is missing. The jacket is lined in black silk.  There is no label.


Color: Black with reddish brown collar

Material: Curly lamb fur

Sizing: No size is indicated, but it is small - please rely on the following measurements for fit taking the thickness of the fur into account:

Shoulders: 18" across from seam-to-seam (upper sleeve provides some width by including the shoulder cap)

Sleeves: 24" from the shoulder seam

Sleeve Inseam: 20"

Bust: 38" around

Waist: 32" around

Hemline: 44"

Length: 27"


It is in very good condition, especially considering that it is an antique fur. The skins appear to be strong. The lining, however, is fraying in a number of places - the upper interior shoulder area, the neck area and the bustle area. Also, there are the aforementioned missing bottom button and the missing loop, but this can be replaced with some reasonable facsimile. Despite its very good condition, I'm selling this fur as a rare Victorian display item and not as an everyday usable fur.

This is a rare Victorian fur jacket....gorgeous display piece....